Oh boy, that’s a lot to take in.

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  1. "out of nowhere" not if he'd seen the world of remnant episodes

    Also, Penny would have never been a viable maiden candidate, being functionally immortal. She would have been a vital step in developing the aura manipulation tech however.

  2. The plot is aFOOT.
    There are a few LEGends.
    Mercury should really STEP up his game.
    I'm gonna go out on a LIMB and say that this episode isn't meant to be HUMERUS.

  3. I just realised that the episode PvP could have a double meaning – player vs player – Pyrrha vs Penny. 🤯

  4. I think CRWBY said in a v3 commentary that JNPR's doubles round was Pyrrha/Nora vs Sun/Neptune in a field with anti-gravity dust. It never got made so it's not canon technically but I'd like to think it did happen.

  5. he said that she should take time to think it through something she wasn't going to do since she tried to accept right away and that he needed a answer by the end of the vytal festival which last 2 weeks with the tournament being if I remember right 3 or 4 days of that your putting words in his mouth and ignoring context

  6. Penny might have been a proof of concept for the whole "take one person's aura and shove it into something else" thing.


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