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  1. I never cared for Twitter, I always facepalm at the things people post. Same feelings apply to Facebook and Instagram.. there is so much narcissism, it could feed all the people of Africa and then some.

  2. React to "Destíno". If it has copyright, then nevermind. It's a surrealist short done by Salvador Dalí and Walt Disney revived in 2000 or so. Otherwise, "The Story of Menstruation" is an educational short about you obvious topics. I am not sure if these are copyrighted, but it'll be funny/wack as fuck.

  3. done. one fanart picture drawn up and submitted. hope you enjoy it. did my best to draw it within 10min. im not much of a drawer but I did really good on most of it

  4. I know this is unrelated, but can you review Lupin III when it's finished airing this season? Hardly anyone seems to be talking about it.

  5. There's actually a lot of funny videos called "If disney princesses/princes were real". Those videos would be great! copyright free as well!

  6. Top 10 Worst Disney Sequels
    10.A Extreme Goofy Movie
    9.Mulan 2
    8.Planes Fire & Rescue
    7.Cinderella 2
    6.Lady and the Tramp 2
    5.Peter Pan Return to Neverland
    4.Beauty and the Beast Sequels
    3.Jungle Book 2
    2.The Lion King 2
    1.Kronk's New Groove

  7. I know you have an anime poll in the description but i would really appreciate it if you reviewed hikaru no go. It's one of my all time favorite animes

  8. Ok im gonna be honest i think this is copyright free since it was a collaboration of two musicians singing Disney songs but you gotta react to Peter Hollen's with his Epic Disney Medley ft Alex G. It's so amazing its a some really good Disney classic songs in there and they sing it wonderfully.

  9. Hi +BlackCriticGuy
    I have a chibi drawing of you that I made for Disney week, and was hoping to send it to you on Friday. Is that to late?

  10. I have a great idea for this project ( I swear you will love it) I just need to wait until my house gets power back we were just hit by a massive windstorm


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