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  1. FIRST EPISODE:Naruto: Oh no I lost my kunai. (Clown pops his head out)
    Pennywise: Hiya! Naruto! What a nice kunai, you want it back?
    Naruto: The hokage said not to talk to strangers.
    Pennywise: Very wise of the old man, very wise indeed. I am Pennywise the dancing clown. You are Naruto Uzumaki. Now we aren’t strangers. Naruto: I guess that makes sense. I should go back to training now. Pennywise: Don’t you want some…Ramen (Clown holds up a bowl
    of noodles)Naruto: That’s looks delicious!Pennywise: Yeah it is and there’s all sorts of ramen down here like you’ve never had. Here…take…it!


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