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  1. I actually think the Hulk's madder stronger thing was an excellent plot device. it's a great way to make him as strong or as weak as he needs to be in a given situation. And for those of us who are Hulk fans, we always know he has the potential to be the strongest one there is, even if that doesn't always happen.

  2. First time I heard this guys voice. Didn’t expect an accent.
    I agree they did overdo it with Superman. Even now or recent times Superman does things that make it feel implausible to lose. It’s like he always has to fight godlike beings to get a challenge. Happened with Dragon Ball too.

  3. My goal: Cleansing YouTube of Hulk haters! Everyone will eventually love the HULK! Don't forget to subscribe and many thanks for watching 🙂

  4. You know BannerIncredibleHulk sometimes I wish my arguments were as nearly as good as yours so I might write back to haters and trolls who keep saying something like:superman one punch = hulk dead or hulk would not last a second against supes lol. Once again banner thank you for you are the best there is at what you do???

  5. Another great video. Very true: Hulk conquers everyone and then gets boring quick. But Hulk is awesome and properly moderated. Just can't wait for him one day, if writers allow it, for him to smash a powerful foe like Thanos. Thanks again.


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