A fully narrated start to finish BATMAN Copic Marker drawing tutorial including discussion of how to draw using different art supplies as well as discussion of Copic Marker Alternatives.

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All the art supplies used in this video can be found at

Here are the individual tools used in this video:

Sakura White Gelly Pen

Copic Black Multiliner

Copic Cool Gray Markers

Copic Warm Gray Markers

Derwent Electric Eraser

Studio Series Markers (MUCH cheaper than Copic but still good)

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  1. this is gonna be dumb but Is Jim Lee a DC comic book artist? I don't know many but my absolute favorite is Steve Mcniven.

  2. I am just getting back into my drawing and watercolor painting etc, after almost 20 yrs away, for various reasons. I have watched so many "how to" vids. on YouTube trying to get the hang of things again. most I have run across have been Crap!! there are a handful that are actually helpful the rest fall way short. but yours was great and I hope you keep doing more please. I am going to try and imitate your drawing, wish me luck!
    p.s. any chance you could do hulk?

  3. this is a great cover. ?. I'm a artist also and this inspired me. I was caught in a state of flux last few weeks, haven't been drawing or writing. thanks for this man. ?

  4. First off, nice job on the piece. Second thanks for posting. It was very informative and fun to watch. I do have one question. Did you have any bleed through onto the actual cover underneath? I ask because I recently purchased quite a few blank cover variants to start doing sketches on. So it would be nice to know if it's an issue or not.

  5. Great job on that Batman sketch. Love the way you showed your process from beginning to end. thanks for sharing. cheers,

  6. finally batman tutorial Batman drawing then Jim Lee tutorial how to draw Batman because he go to fast this video will help me a lot

  7. How old are you if you don't mind me asking? I ask because I'm 25 and I can draw comic book characters but I can't do it out of my head like you did. I always have to use a reference photo. I loved watching this. You're super good.

  8. Thanks for the alternative option for micron pens they're great and all but they do smudge…I think I'll try copic instead!

  9. please sombody tell jess about the green bin. on the side of the highway, in the grassy part, you know the cheesy place, somebody works there. they dont know when to get paid, by the hour??? sure, that will do nicely. its too hot though, its like that camping trip, thats what you called it, more like a road trip


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