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Hi! I’m Andres. I’m an Illustrator. Today I created ‘Deande – Battleborn Heroes’ Battleborn FanArt digital illustration made in Clip Studio Paint (formerly know as manga studio) and Photoshop.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Do you Paint? Draw? I will love to see your work, share it with us.

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Media and materials used for this art:
– Photoshop CC and Clip Studio Paint 11

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Hola soy Andres, soy Ilustrador. Hoy he creado ‘Deande – Battleborn Heroes’, ilustracion digital hecha en Clip Studio Paint (antes conocido como manga studio) y Photoshop.

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Medio y materials usados para esta ilustracion (arte)

– Photoshop CC and Clip Studio Paint 11




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