Holdo uses the Force? Laura Dern implies that her character in Star Wars The Last Jedi used the Force! We break it down! Plus, X-Men Dark Phoenix is d

elayed? The New Mutants movie is delayed? What the hell is happening to Fox’s X-men movies this year!??? We explain what’s going on, talk about the dope comic books that came out today, AND go over a fan question about Luke Skywalker!

We also break down the recent MCU news regarding the Captain Marvel movie! Then, we sprinkle a little Han Solo movie news, do a Top 5 Force users piece, and finish off with a fan question! It’s a fun episode!

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  1. Holdo is one of the mos odd, misused and worst written characters. And I don't mean this in a negative light to her. I would love to have seen her used in a much more clever, well written and I hate to say it, more fitting role. She's a VERY awkward character that seems so out of place in the movie, that it's very jarring. How Holdo's character comes off to me as, is like an idea that Rian Johnson had to stick in, as a leftover from another movie or something…she just DOES NOT fit. And it's a shame cause the character could have been a well written foil to Leia. We have some nice scenes of them talking together, the relationship could have been built up in TLJ… we could have had Leia be the one to sacrifice herself at the end (A far far better end to her legacy than what we got…) and then in Episode 9 we could be more attached to Holdo, cause we know that she watched her friend and mentor die and sacrifice herself. And she could have picked up the lead from leia…and guess what? we would have cared about her more… But with the way it happened? Honestly I don't give a rat's ass about Holdo at the end..and again Dorne is such a great actress, I feel bad that she was just wasted like this…

  2. You have those who are Force Sensative and Force attuned. I would say Chirut, Poe, Holdo, Han are force attuned. When they are in the moment they become force attuned. Just my thoughts and how I view Pablos comments and commnets made by Filoni and Urban Acolyte.

  3. Reaaaly disappointed with the push back of the Dark Phoenix movie. I'm really looking forward to it, but I agree Josh that I sort of would prefer them taking their time and respect the franchise, lore and feel and not just toss CGI in our face and call it a day. I don't think i has much to do with the Marvel-Disney-Fox deal, but more so about trying to not put out a crap movie..( I hope…)

    Oh and as someone who "grew up" reading Bendi's Ultimate Spiderman run at Marvel and later his other books… I am going to miss the hell out of that guy, but I'm really eager to see what he does at the big DC. I can't say I'll be reading Action Comics, but maybe I"ll check out his run on Supes.

  4. Thanks to everyone who watched the show! Feel free to drop a question in the comment section for tomorrow's show! Oh, and consider checking out our Patreon! It really helps us out! Here's the link: https://goo.gl/jtMbFb

  5. The majority of folks arent going to care if Holdo was Force sensitive….sorry Laura Dern, it don't matter no more cuz you dead thank GAWD! What a waste of a character.

    Great show!!! A.S. U.S.U.A.L. 👏👏👏

    My question is…what are your thoughts on Maz Kanata, and do you think she may play an even bigger roll in Episode IX? Her character intrigues me, and I feel she is one of those characters that could possibly give guidance to two people whose names I won't ment *BEN AND REY*……ion……damn. I cannot deny the power that is Reylo. Anyways, Maz Kanata thoughts or theories or insight would be great to hear! 🙌

  6. It would of been better if Holdo was more of a solid and complete character. It sounds like she really was pieced together for her scenes which is a shame.

  7. Fan question: I saw the question about Maz and the next movie and wanted to ask do you think we'll find out how Maz got that saber in the first place? I'd love to see it as a flashback if we do see her again.

  8. That's it Disney. If you can make Admiral Gender Studies a Force-sensitive, we are having Poe and Finn consciously lifting rocks with their minds by the end of IX and I will fight you on that.

  9. “Godspeed” means God send you on doing His will—-even unbelievers like Han Solo. In fact, churches are modeled after Noah’s ark…that God’s blows the ship (the “flying buttress” the sails catching the will of the Wind) to go in its direction. No, I am not a huge Holdo fan; in fact, I think she’s a weak character, but I see Star Wars is ingrafting more Christian theology within the Hindu and Buddhist theologies in the STar Wars narrative, making it multidimensional perspective of religions in the universe, as you stated. 🙂 And that might make it a more individualistic galaxy that models are own.

  10. Holdo & the Force: That's a bit interesting. I haven't read the book she comes up in, but I don't recall hearing about that coming up. That book does mention a lot about the fact that Holdo was into a lot of what would be considered occult studies, so it may be that her use of these occult studies are how Holdo was making her connection to the Force. Her divination and such may draw on the Force, and be something of the Star Wars universe's version of a neo-pagan.

    X-Men Delays: The fact they're delayed again is a bit interesting, especially since they're both being delayed till next year. That is a bit of a delay for Mutants, though with reshooting half a movie, I suppose that might take a whole year. That's crazier than Solo, yeah? This really may not directly be related to the merger, though – they need to do this whether they merge or not. They need to do it more so if the merger fails, if you think about it.

    End Screen: NerdyBoy! Really though, that's not a bad base for an end screen. Subscribe button pops, and you can add on videos to watch on the rest of the white panel, or other links. It's a good base.

  11. It's too bad Holdo was changed in post. If she was more hippie-ish like in the Leia book, it would be waaay more sense how Poe reacts and actually makes waaay more sense to Laura Dern's comments. Is Holdo force sensitive? eh…. probably not that much, but I see her knowing about the force when she was 16 and that explains her fascination of death. We know from… Blood Lines? Leia teaches people force things (like meditation, etc) so it is not like Leia keeps force teachings to herself. Why not teach Holdo?


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