With Midnighter #1 now on stands and just in time for LGBT Pride Month, DC All Access presents a brief history of LGBT characters found within the DC Universe, featuring The Advocate’s Jase Peeples. From the early days of the Comics Code all the way to Catwoman’s recent same-sex kiss, Jase looks at touchstones and turning points, revealing how far we’ve come and illustrating why it’s so important that comics remain inclusive.

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  1. You left out when the Hulk rescued a HIV positive teen because he was shot and bleeding. It was the green intelligent Hulk variant.

  2. comic book writers/artist's have always based characters off the after disenfranchised people of our country. I've read & seen in interviews with Stan Lee wrote the x-men after the civil rights movement

  3. people are people and love is Love so be proud to be who you are and don't let ney one till you it's rog

  4. I'm glad there is a mix between men and women gays, cos usually if there are any lgbt characters their unusually lesbian

  5. why the hell on a comic book, I tried ignoring it in reality

    its everywhere

    they're everywhere

    its impossible to live life without seeing a mirror- kisser.

  6. Don't forget…before all of these: Shrinking Violet and Lightning Lass in the Giffin Legion of Super Heroes run. What makes these characters work so much better than the train wreck of the social justice Marvel characters is that being something other than hetero is just something that they are. It's not their major or only defining characteristic.


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