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  1. I also am by no means a professional when it comes to Photoshop. Next time you have issues getting something light separated from a white background you can adjust your color tolerance. After you click on the magic wand to separate the background,Up on one of the top bars there should be a dropper with a rainbow bar under it, should pop up "sampling continuous" or something along those lines. if you click on it and lower the number it will make it easier to take just the white, a higher number will grab at more colors.

  2. I love it your art came out so good, I'm also looking foward to watch the movie, so far I like these comic movies I feel the directors are doing a great job bringing them to the screen tfs Belle

  3. I feel like people who don't like new adaptations to original characters have some sort of misplaced fear that the original characters are being completely replaced by the new versions. But that's not true, it just means that there are different versions of an original character and different people like different versions.


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