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Edit: OK so everyone keeps commenting “oh but chara is not evil” “Chara is not evil why did you say that” blah blah blah. Look this video was made when, everyone thought chara was evil, so stop commenting that because we all bloody know. This video was made a year ago, maybe longer. So just shut yo mouth and move on with your life.

Yes I know in Undertale Chara is evil, but she’s one of my favourite characters and I love to draw her. I wasn’t in the mood for animating, and I also don’t know what meme to make :/ so instead just did an easy speed paint 😀 Any way hope you enjoy!

Also Special Thanks to SiesGraphics for the new outro! Channel:

Nothing is owned by me apart from the drawing :p

Undertale: TobyFox


  1. hey i think your a super cool artist and i was wondering if you could colab with me?! im not the good yet (at least i dont think so) but me and my friends love your channel and they asked me to ask you if you wanted to colab!

  2. This is great!

    Oh, what's that mom? You don't like seeing people draw digital art? Hmm well that's a big problem for ME!
    (True story)

  3. OH MY GOD!! IM JUST JEALOUS… YOU DRAW SOO MUCH BETTER THAN ME. Especially the hair strands though, I like dem (。・ω・。)


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