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  1. "Welcome to my universe" xD xD omg thank god i wasn't eating anything cuz i would've choked on it, thanks for the warning xD

  2. I like Korosensei and Saitama due to how they're written. Not for those stupid power levels that people keep harping on about. I really like your vid, Robot. Your other vids got me to subscribe, but this video was needed. My favorite Dragonball character is probably Krillen/Kurinrin due to his character arc from the very beginning and the growth all the way to the recent series. I'm attracted to everymen characters due to their down to earth nature. While with Korosensei, I love his humor, his intelligence, and being a asshole depending on the scene.

    Saitama I like due to the series being released at a time when I was unemployed and I could relate to his depression, and seeing Saitama going from being unemployed to a employed character is what makes me root for him. He finally got a job.

  3. I am going to respectively call you bias towards dbz.

    1: it is god of strength superman not god of steel. Ya know how he got a huge strength boost.

    2: if goku were to go about destroying the universe. Even if we were to wank it up to one big blast , which one of the many directions would he fire.. It is physically im possible.

    3: you seem to direct the most "they need to stop" towards the superman fans. Even though the dbz fans such as yourself clearly spread misinformation.

    4: the fist clash is taken out of context. The shockwave was going to destroy the universe. The farther it gets the stronger it is. And not to mention the earth was unaffected by the clash. If they had this destructive potency you say they have the earth would have been gone. Vegeta destroying the time chamber. If you look into what the time chamber itself is. 1 day out is one year in there , meaning vegeta did not one shot the chamber.

    You have just been debunked. Stop spreading misinformation. I enjoy your content when you are not sucking on gokus dick, you raging dbz fanboy.

  4. I know someone that can beat the entire dc multiverse, marvel multiverse and the dragon ball universe with a thought.
    His name is The One Above All.

  5. No, the spectre doesn't stomp thought robot. Spectre stalemated the anti monitor and got his ass whooped by 5d imps, who are also weaker than strange visitor superman. Thought robot can be defeated, but he is still leagues above strange visitor. Also, Super Buu can has molecule manipulation, not reality warping. There are too many errors in this video to count. I'm not a hater, but please don't talk about topics that you have no knowledge of. Molecule man wouldn't just turn Jitendra into a tea cup. He would also take away his self awareness, since he can actually warp reality on a beyond hyperversal scale, depending on the version.

  6. Well to be honest many dbz fanboys arent thaaaaaat bad, or atleast not the ones ive seen. Being a dbz fan myself even I know when people take things to far….

    That includes seth!!!

  7. your response to Goku ultra instinct is retarded, it's like if someone told me 'Superman's solar flare' and i answered 'Vegito', in worst, because at least half of Vegito's power come from Goku while strange visitor superman is just Strange Visitor hitching a ride in Superman's body

    yeah, the whole reality warping is really annoying, i never understood why they considered it an insta win against Goku even when there is an entier movie of him fighting a reality warping (yeah yeah, movie and canon shit but BOG Beerus is confirmed as the strongest movie villain ever by far and SSJG is already equal to 70% of his power)

    just saying but Cosmic Armor Superman doesn't exist, he is called Though Robot and isn't Superman, Cosmic Armor Superman is just a fanmade name

    The VS community take any video about them as a vs video, because that's the point of their community, so i don't see why you're surprised

  8. Actually the guidebook isn't truely correct with the state about him being star level.the kanji for planet and star are the same symbol and was mistranslated. he's only planet level so u were technically right

  9. I feel like the writers of Goku and Superman wrote themselves into a corner: Superman's connection to the sun and Goku's Zenkai Boost.

  10. 1:10 yeah pretty much that’s exactly what happens. At least the Ben 10 fan base has class, heh… heh… huh.

    I would have said Sonic as well, but hat would be lying. I wish, though.

  11. Not a saitama fan boy honestly I prefer Spector but saitama is like my close second, the serious punch isn't his strongest punch, his normal attacks are him
    Not trying at all, the serious punch is him actually putting effort in

  12. Honestly the whole war between Goku and Superman was over when in the Dragon Ball Super Manga Goku learned Hakai aka kill anything move. From what I saw of it.

  13. you know who could fight goku, superman, the hulk AND one punch man on a 4 on 1 fight and win?
    Kirby. he eats the hulk and kicks everyone elses ass. or just spits him at everyone else. or eats everyone.

  14. The multiple of ultra instinct is 100 million against jiren and 120 million against kelfa and I am not making it up

  15. Vegeta was able to destroy a whole planet with out even try and his father destroyed a planet as well here is a super saiyan level buster
    Ssj1= planet buster goku was able beat freeze who can destroy planets with a easy as freezer planet which is close to star
    Ssj2= solar system buster cell say that he can destroy a solar system and gohan ssj2 was able to him
    Ssj3= galaxy buster goku gone ssj3 against buu(haft good haft bad) and against kid buu and who told he can destroy galaxy and goku was stronger not tide because kid buu was making goku get tired as ssj3

  16. I absolutely hate One Punch Man, but his defining trait is that he can defeat anything in one punch. This does not mean he will be able to punch it, or that he is capable of surviving attacks. Superman moves at the *SPEED OF LIGHT*!!!!!!!! He could literally slow dance around his fists whenever he tries punching him! Superman can fry him with lasers or rip him into thousands of pieces faster than his mind can process it. It would basically be instantaneous. If Superman wasn't expecting Saitama to actually be capable of harming him and just stood there, yes, he would die. Saitama can only win in a fight where Superman literally doesn't try.

  17. Nah ptobably yamcha could beat superman,goku,saitama or anyone else 😂(and the fan base goes rage or hate one me coz they dont take it as a joke)

  18. Batman beats molecule man…Batman defies reality his belt is so convenient,it probably has a universe inside if he ever needed it,In other words batman has no logic AT ALL he defies reality


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