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The crew admires your fanart of Kermit fusing with Scorpion and Sonic fusing with the Juggernaut and Metal Sonic is coming to DEATH BATTLE!

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  1. Can you do Goku form Dragon Ball Evolution vs Goku form Dragon Ball The Magic Begin. Death Battle Please

  2. Galactus vs Unicron (w/ a tie-in DBX of Silver Surfer vs Galvatron)
    Thanos vs Darksied (no Infinity Gauntlet or Anit-Life equation)
    War & Death (Dakrsiders) vs Dante & Virgil (Devil May Cry)
    Teal'C from Stargate SG-1 vs Worf from Star Trek TNG/DS9
    Red Sonja vs Xena
    Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099) vs Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond)
    Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star) vs Saitama (One-Punch Man)
    Vision vs Red Tornado

  3. You guys have got to do Punisher vs The Predator at some point, but make it the most Badass Predator of All Time

  4. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I could listen to you guys come up with different ways for the Punisher to castrate people All Freakin' Day!
    I'm out of breath from laughing so hard
    I'm willing to bet that if the Punisher heard some of those ideas he would actually go "These guys are pretty good"

  5. Villain clashes are the best and there should be more of them because, unlike when heroes clash, VILLAINS WILL ACTUALLY KILL EACH OTHER
    That's also probably the reason there are that many Villain clashes, because the powers that be don't want to kill any of their major villains.

  6. This is the reason why I love the Death Battle Cast for ep. like these were I laugh to the point I'm crying in tears and can't breathe xD

  7. For villain clashes, an underrated one I feel is in Power Rangers Dino Thunder when it had a crossover the villain of the previous series(lothor) and the villain of Dino Thunder (mesogog) fought. It isn't a long fight but it is pretty awesome, I'd say check it out even if your not a Power Rangers fan.

  8. We talked about the powers of Sonic, Juggernaut and Scorpion in all this, however the weapons, armor and skills of Kermet didn't really factor in, so lets take Sonic the Juggernaut and put him against Scorpion fused with somebody else…say…Miss Piggy…or Predator…or a Xenoform…or the Terminator…or Robocop?

  9. Juggernaut vs. Superman. Juggernaut is a magical being and Supes has no special resistance to magic, so would Juggernaut stand a good chance of beating him?


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