One of the most requested videos is Funko Pop Collection video so here it is! I wasn’t able to get things prepared for a room tour but didn’t want to leave you guys hanging completely ^^;

I keep my Funko Pops in my bedroom and my hobby room. They’re mostly up against the wall in box at various places.

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Music “Spring” composed by Pinkzebra
* Music in this video is used under license from the rights holder.
* I also hold an explicit written permission directly from the rights holder to use his music COMMERCIALLY.

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Music “Silly Fun” composed Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Music “Hobby Horse” composed Epidemic Sound

Musci composed by ClefferNotes

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  1. I love Funko Pops, and I can see how you would want to collect a lot, but what's the point if you never open them? I love to look at and admire my Funko Pops, and if I had them boxed up I would think they looked tacky. But everyone has their own opinion.

  2. It would be awesome if they made more vocaloid funky pop figures, but they won't. I think it's because Meiko and Kaito aren't popular enough and other vocaloids are made by a different company. I wish other vocaloid companies sold products in the US, not that I don't love Crypton's vocaloids

  3. i feel like tadashi pop would be kind of classic.have u seen the new diy pop funkos?if u do still want a Tadashi pop you could diy one for yourself

  4. I never knew that Lastic liked Black Butler, I really want the Ciel funko pop or the Grell funko pop. I a HUGE fan of Black Butler!

  5. I have fallen in love with pop figures but sadly cannot afford all the ones i want. However my friend got me an Amethyst from Steven Universe figure for Christmas 2016.


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