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ICONS OF HORROR Part 1 (2013) | Freddy Krueger vs Jason Voorhees vs Michael Myers vs Ghostface vs Leatherface vs Ash Williams #EpicHorrorBattles

Director Russell leads a team of secret government agents in search of the Necronomicon and it’s evil powers. Russell makes a deal with Freddy Krueger to find the book and release it’s powers by spilling the blood of Ash Williams. Freddy recruits Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees as they battle Ghostface and Leatherface on their way to finding Ash Williams and the Book of the Dead.

Directed by Trent Duncan

Starring: Cheyenne Hess, Danny Zetwo, Moses Cantu, Patrick Bigham, Adam Henrickson, Kenneth Van Valenburg, Kaylea Trumbull, Sydni Lynn Takacs, Maddie Bright, Ashlie Brooke, Erica Lea Shelton, Carrie Lauren, Natalie Stavola, Brooke Livingston, Cassie Livingston, Juan Fernandez, Christy Schoeller, and Trent Duncan

This film does not constitute any affiliation with, sponsorship, or endorsement by any celebrity, company, or organization that the film may portray and/or resemble.

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Costumes by Cheyenne Hess

Music Composition by:
Kenney Marshall
Kevin MacLeod


  1. The girl thinks she’s cool because she has 2 tiny bottles of vodka, and what looks like whisky, I could have probably drank them and not have had a buzz when I was 1

  2. So far it looks promising but ease up on the lighting, makes it a bit hard on the eyes, even dimming my screen on the iPhone X. Other than that, keep up the great work! ?


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