Scott Snyder returns to the Dark Knight next month in the eagerly awaited All-Star Batman, and he’s bringing John Romita, Jr. with him! In this DC All Access comics clip, we sit down with the bestselling writer and artist to discuss this new and different take on Batman, how their work motivates each other, and what it feels like getting Batman out of the big city.

For more from Snyder and Romita on All-Star Batman:

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  1. DC is ruining my wallet. I've never been a DC fan and rebirth has got me hooked. I'm spending $70+ a month just on comics.

  2. I can always count on DC nowadays for quality comics. Marvel comics, nowadays is a political joke that wants to ruin already existing characters for the progressive agenda.

  3. All this debate J.R jr. art, but it does look pretty good hear. I guess Batman always brings out the best in writers and artists =)

  4. "Look down at the country, like, look down. Do you think that its full of good people, or do you think its full of goo… uh, bad people?"

  5. So…. you're going to meet with a Batman writer and artist… and you decide to wear a Superman t-shirt? Oh yeah, that's brilliant my friend -_-

  6. The Rebirth Batman suit is fine for me but I wished the belt color was the other way around. The black is the outline of the belt and yellow for the inside. But very nice though

  7. Hey do you guys remember the Frank Miller's one, you know, the one that Batman kidnapped Robin and make him eat a rat, no? Ok.

  8. I love both companies but lately DC's books have been blowing Marvel's books out of the water. Only Marvel book I'm reading right now is The Vision which is awesome btw.

  9. are rebirth titles great for first time readers?? and whats the difference if all star batman rebirth and the regular batman rebirth??thanks 🙂

  10. WOAH I didn't watch this till after reading the issue, but that Gentleman Ghost clip was a HUUUUUUUUGE spoiler. Like it's literally the last page of the main story lol.


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