I liked this video so much that it’d be a shame to not have it on my channel.

The video that this was made for, Thanks to Pkrussl for that, I suggest you watch it as it goes into A LOT MORE DETAIL:


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  1. Lol I liked pentagrin quite a bit, and still would if she was around but yall blind af if you didn't already suspect she a snake lmao
    The whole "stories is 8" bullshit + Her never owning up to how influenced her characters were by Black Butler Pfft she was a devoted liar and yall shoulda taken anything escaping between her Fangs with a grain of salt.

  2. so evil!! They just tried to be evil to him and hurt him for no reason, AND THEY KNEW SHE WASN'T 8! This was just a big bit?? They made vids saying stories was 8 just to make sure people didn't know even though it was so obvious she wasnt

  3. Honestly I didn't fall for this for one second from.tbe get go everything felt sketchy just for the fact 3 videos all had different ages and the fact the messages alone looked "playful" and misleading at best, also the fact they called him a pedophile yet they say he was 16 or 17 and that only makes him a pedo if the girl was like 8 or under, yet they claimed she was 14? Like none of this made sense

  4. wellp you know I love my song quotes but this one…… the whole damn song fit's Stories, Pentagrin and the whole situation should I post the lyrics or just link the song.

  5. I had a feeling that he was innocent, but I was dumb. I decided to believe Atari and Pentagrin, despite their fishy evidence, over believing my gut because I didn't want to be accused of supporting a pedophile (I didn't know Spoctor's age at the time). However, I have forgiven Atari, not completely though.

  6. I'm curious about the Take on Me clip you used. I don't remember it having voice over, did you put that in yourself?

  7. I already didn't like Pentagrin because of the way she takes no criticism on her OCs, but this made me dislike her even more. I'm just glad she's finally exposed for the person she is.

  8. Bruh your OC robot looks like Chris redfield if he was a robot but on steroids still and a ninjia

    Still find it interesting~

  9. I don’t like Spoctor Tech, but being a narcissistic asshole isn’t a crime, so I’m thankful that this whole ordeal didn’t end up destroying him.

  10. So if been following this mess of a drama on the side-line since it started, and I have to say that there's something that has just been bothering me to no end in all of this.
    But before diving into that, I have a confession. I don't really like Pentagrin or Stories. I never have. But despite that, I – as so many others – was very quick to jump the bandwagon without further question. And I regret that deeply. But what bothers me, is that no one seems to have learned anything from that. Because guess what's happening? People are jumping straight from one bandwagon to the next one. Without asking any further questions. Again.
    Now, I am in no way defending those who made videos against Spoctor. I think that what they did was absolutely terrible, and the fact that they just ran away when they got caught lying, makes it even worse. But even though many of the screenshots have been proved to have been taken out of context and has been tempered with, the things that Spocter wrote to people is still true. And it seems like people just don't care about that anymore. The way I see it, he is not an innocent victim in all of this. Not at all. He even made a video stating that the things he was accused of were true. Why would someone, anyone, EVER plead guilty to a crime they have not committed. Even when they had the evidence to show the screenshots were cut. And guess what? His confession video was taken down as soon as Pentagrin, Stories and Atari were called out. Oh and remember that Spoctor said in the mentioned video, that he was gonna take a break and think about things? I'll bet that he won't do that, now that he's been proven "innocent".
    I am sorry but I do not buy into that so easily. Is Spoctor innocent in some of the cases he was accused of? Absolutely. But is he completely without fault? No. And should he be criticized for that? Yes. I'm willing to give Spoctor a second chance if he chooses to address some of the things he has done and said to people (because they are still highly inappropriate), but until then, I am choosing to stay neutral in this case.

    Now, I'm not saying people shouldn't support Spoctor if they want to. I'm just not gonna be one of them. I just hope people stop to think a bit, before claiming someone else guilty or innocent.

  11. This whole thing just kinda shows the problems with ranting. People will just blindly follow someone rather than for their own opinion. Not only that, but the person who gets a rant on them (on this case, Spocter) isn't given a chance to change. Just look at this dislikes on his apology video.

  12. Th aggretsuko reference was a bit unwanted but good video none the less, i DIED at pkrussl running after stories and pentagrin through the 90s music video hall.

  13. This whole thing makes me genuinely sad as a (past) big fan of Pentagrin. I adored her and still do to an extent because of how much I loved her content and personality. But I'm just so confused as to why she did this. I just don't get it. Something that was so obviously going to fail is so stupid to do. I just don't understand what was going through her head.

  14. Pentagrin more like pentagrain and stories…. more like sorries!

    That's what I think! Nice way to destroy your future! 🙂
    On the brightside…. No more stories and no more Pentagrin….

    But Atari and spocter …. oh they are besties and joke about the whole case…. I think Spocter wanted this to happen!


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