Hey all! Please read the description to answer all your magical questions!

Programs used:
– Premier Elements 13
– Paint Tool SAI
– Screencast-O-Matic

Songs Used:
– Decode: Paramore
– Bleeding Out: Imagine Dragons

Artist’s Note:
This is fan art of one of the characters in Teelia Pelletier’s book series; Strong Hearts are Mandatory. I own nothing but the artwork shown in this video.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own these songs in anyway, shape of, form! These songs belongs strictly to the rightful artists, and I’m simply using it as entertainment purposes ONLY!


  1. AAAA WATCHING YOU MAKE THIS WAS INCREDIBLE! <3 Thank you so much once again! This is just amazing and I absolutely love it! Thanks a bunch aaaa it means a lot! >w<


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