Got an AWESOME box of goodies from Christopher Witherow in this video! I can’t believe the things you guys send me! Love all of it! Thanks again Chris! Hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it! Stay Solid!

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  1. Nice gifts! I love the Starfire Pop and those Bombshells o_O

    The writing on the blue letter says:

    1st line – Ja, mata ne ("See you later/catch you later")

    2nd Line – Karisu (Karis/Chris?)

    3rd line – Uizuro/Wizro???

    ((…I guess even my kana skills are rusty at this point. D'oh!))

  2. Glad you liked the stuff! But you forgot about the bag that the POPs came in =P

    And I guess the NC in Invincible were invisible haha.

    But really glad you enjoyed, happy holidays!

  3. My Walmart had the Bombshells on Clearance for 2 bucks so I scooped up 4 of them. I got Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Cat Woman, and Bat Woman…I'm gonna roll the dice on 4 more, I really want that Katana 🙂

  4. Damn. That box was incredible. Really cool he went the extra mile to wrap everything. Personally, I love the DC Lil Bomb Shells.

  5. so the "exclusive" Harley Quinn is just the regular Harley quinn that hasnt been completely painted. Lame! . but they are all cute. i love me some DC bombshells. mmhmmhmm. Ive watched almost all of the teen titans animated episodes and loved em. but the teen titans go is just a disgrace and completely awful. Makes me nauseous just watching it so those pops dont interest me at all and wouldn't want them even for free. Other than that it was generous and a great gift for you. Stay invisible… I mean stay solid ?


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