So Elajjaz is a cool Swedish youtuber/streamer who’s mostly known for speedrunning Dark Souls. I usually watch his streams when I’m drawing so I just had to draw him + I need some practice with faces as you probably can see 😛

Elajjaz Youtube channel:
Elajjaz Twitch channel:

The Royalty-free music is from Incomptech.

The picture can be found on my DeviantART page.
Elajjaz Fan Art:

Thank you for your time and don’t forget to give me feedback!
//Cole Woods


  1. very cool 😀 You are super talented, elajjaz lips are wayyy mustier thoughhhh :3 and his eyebrows thicker, I only notice cuz im hot for those features on him.

  2. Loved this video ? great job ?? so talented
    Can you please check out my latest video and maybe subscribe if you liked it thanks ?


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