“Sing your song once more, valiant ambassadors of friendship, the crowd yearns for one last savour of harmony’s melody…”

One more artwork dedicated to one of the most ambitious yet admirable events I’ve had the privilege to watch grow. One more tribute to the group of people who had a common desire to bring down borders and people together. Though I was not able to witness this gathering with my own eyes, I pray that your friendships made hold strong and that your future be made a little more brighter with these new embers you’ve befriended. May they bolster that warmth in your hearts for years to come.

This is a little late to the party. I meant to finish this either before, during or shortly after the con. But I guess a week later will have to suffice 🙂

Deviantart Link:

1. Tobu – Roots (NCS Release)

2. Elektronomia & JJD – Free (NCS Release)



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