DSP HATES Nintendo because he can’t get ad revenue on YT from their exclusives. So he hates the Switch as well.

Made it a couple days ago but been busy and finally found the time to edit and upload.

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  1. James it's funny that DSP hates the switch which was gifted to him like most his Subs are you'll get it

  2. phil just hates the switch cause he can"t make money off of it we all know phil is about money he dose not care about games or other gamers.

  3. My roommate has a Switch it's pretty cool but I played and beat Botw on my Wii U but I love my 3ds more along with my PS4 and gaming PC.

  4. Dear god that Raven cosplayer, Also the elf was Kato I know her work… That last girl was amazing..
    Ds who again… what was the topic of the video i forget

  5. Where can i buy one of those elf girls from the thumbnail? Edit: and then raven cosplay bruh you gotta stop.

  6. Now Leanna is out getting sausaged by a real man, while Roach is bitching on his couch about a set of pixels that he can't control while begging for money…..and telling a billion dollar company they're not being successful.

  7. I have a Switch and it's great. It feels great playing it. I still play my PS4 more, but the Switch has some great exclusives, and I really enjoy indies on it. Also, do you consider yourself a detractor now? When you first started down this road you vehemently claimed to not be, but like. It's hard not to be right? I mostly just lurk, but god damn dude is one of the most unlikable folks I've ever witnessed.


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