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  1. Looks interesting, kind of felt like I was looking at the powerloader from aliens, or maybe the exo suit from call of duty in recent times. either way, looks great, keep up the good work! Also, I was wondering, do you use a different brush than the default? If so, which brush, it looks awesome! I know you downloaded the brush mega pack a while ago, but it doesn't look much like anything in the pack.

  2. Great drawing dude ! the logo in her clothes made me think, have you ever drawn Gordon Freeman from Half-Life? I think would be an awesome piece made in your style. Greetings

  3. For the final shading bit, you could duplicate the layers, merge them to get an outline, ctrl click that layer and click delete to get rid of the shading outside of the image instead of erasing it to save time and get same result?

  4. Very good concept.. It took me a few minutes to realize that you are not talking about colorful camels but camo…. kind of disappointing. JK. My question is when you shade with that purple, why dont you make a clipping mask? or you did and i just missed? if you didnt wouldnt it help you to make your workflow faster? since you dont have to erasr. Im a beginner in photoshop so if i said something stupid please correct me.

  5. I really like this redesign, along with all your other artwork. I do think she would look better with a pair of goggles of some sort though. Maybe snowboarder style that don't show her eyes. Just my two cents, but damn this is awesome. If you're gonna start doing overwatch reskins, I always thought Lucio should have some kind of disco style skin with a big afro.

  6. Hello. For the longest time I've had a character idea in my head but was never able to draw him. So I was thinking I could leave a comment about him. The character's supposed to be a InnKeeper with white hair, a broadsword on his back, and a sort of suit that makes me think of a butler (White shirt, black pants and sleeveless vest, and a bow tie). The character looks as if he's in his twenties due to a spirit like creature that slows the show of age due to the power it has (also the spirit takes form by sort of possessing his shadow and making it a physical object)

  7. Nice connect!
    I'd really like to see something like a realtime stopping watch in your videos, just to see how long you need for different steps

  8. How you do that awesome line? Do you have some important tips? Please! Tell us that secret, I love the line art of yout drawing. It is so clean!

  9. could you do someone with cybernetic attachments but he/she is not willing to have them like a robotic parasite almost, think like a robot flood from halo.

  10. Great m8. The only thing I would have done is maybe make her a little bit, y'know, buff maybe? (Like strong) Also, Pharah is not actually in the Overwatch organization, so I would loose the logo on her jacket.

  11. This artwork is amazing however just for correction : Pharah was never been an Overwatch member because it's disbanded before she grew up. She is member of the Helix Security , so the OW logo is a bit off , but otherwise you are very talented , and this artwork is epic !


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