Finally putting more of these out. I may not be an artist, but I love bringing fan art to life! Oh yeah, there’s a bonus Mario one at the end.
Featuring The Blue Eyed Fox as the voice of Tails:
And Mr. Coolimation as Knuckles:
Featuring fan comics from All artists are credited.
End theme: Run with us by Lisa Lougheed.


  1. Tails: I can't see shit.

    Sonic: I'd like to see you be the person who rides the Tornado


    Tails: com'n Sonic, lets go-

    Sonic: fapping

  2. Sonic: I have split ends. Tails: don't worry honey. Sonic: did you just call me honey? Me: ….??? o…k…. then. [checks script for what games should not have a fanbase on…. Sonic the hedgehog series… looks on computer and looked up sonic the hedgehog on google… and found out that the sonic the hedgehog series is ruined due to fanfics. He said "FUCK!!!" Then gets up from computer and walks to table and puts head on table and cries and says "why?"] Like this if you cri every tim!!!

  3. When Tails said 'I can't see shit', I honestly read it as 'I can see shit' at first and I thought Tails was looking at Sonic's ass xD


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