ABC/Disney have official set the record straight on the future of Star Wars @

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  1. Whatever Star Wars material comes out, as long as they make it good, everything is right in the world. No one wants a shitty Star Wars film.


  2. They are making episode 9. that was never in doubt. There has been a lot of talk about them making Star Wars television series for the Disney streaming service.The other trilogies are going forward. Probably the first movie won't be in theaters until December 2020. Unhappy fans will either have wait and see how they turn out. Or start reading more of Star Wars novels.

  3. Its a good job people have pointed out a simple typo. I had no idea what the title was about or what the video content was until I read some of the comments. Thanks for clearing up the mystery and confusion, to the supreme beings that bothered to point it out.

  4. Disney should just cancel all films that have a straight white male lead, and replace them with females or PoC .. The failure of Solo shows that white males cannot lead successful films. Sucks to be the anti-progressive "fans" out there.


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