OwO whats this?!
it’s been about EIGHT MONTHS since I uploaded my last time lapse, which was my Knights garb from Bloodborne. This video is LONG OVER DUE!!! I finished my Death Knight set in early February, which means sitting down and editing this monstrosity look me two months? WTF? Anyway. Please enjoy! I love making this costume, even if it drove me fucking nuts at some points.
Also! While I did not win anything at Katsucon 2018, I did win Best in Show at Genericon 2018!
P.S. YES, I know I tried too hard to be funny. YES, I know some of it came off kinda cringey. I recorded the voice over at like 2AM and was too lazy to redo it once I realized my mistakes. Please berate me in the comments and call me names, it’s all I want in life

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Song is the Wrath of the Lich King intro from WoW
Foam from
Resin, silicone, and foam flex-it from

All photos were taken by The Nerdy Monkey! Check out her Facebook and Instagram:


  1. You are beyond awesome! Not just your amazing talent, but for being such a great friend and shouting me out like that! Thanks love! Looking forward to your next masterpiece! 😀


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