DARK NIGHTS: METAL is a DC event unlike any other—one that will push Batman, Superman and heroes of the Justice League beyond their limits to take on threats unlike any our world has ever seen! It will take the combined might of the World’s Greatest Heroes as you’ve never seen them before to face what’s coming their way!

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  1. So I first jumped into comics in like 2015 reading trades, but I didn't really jump into reading the weekly comics until rebirth. I see metal as the first real challenge for me as a reader. It makes me have to go back and learn about these different characters and it's kinda fun to have to go look for things and do a little research that I wouldn't normally do. Also, all those episodes of back issues I've watched now are coming in handy lol.

  2. I haven't been keeping apprised of the scuttlebutt around this event but do we know if Dr. Manhattan, Mr. Oz or any of Rebirth is connected to this at all?

  3. the thumbnail reminds me how much i desperately want a "WAR WORLD/PLANET JUSTICE LEAGUE" story similar to planet hulk.

  4. (-)(-)
    For me this is the main difference between Marvel and DC:

    Secret Empire is an idea book:
    a) It's about over reliance on symbols and the individuals who represent those symbols and what happens when it's revealed that those individuals are corrupted and those symbols are used by set individual to push their own plans.
    b) It also pays off the Pleasant Hill story where the use of Kobik was seen as:
    I)immoral onto itself
    II)a liability if someone with more nefarius intentions gets a hold of it (which is exactly what Red Skull did)
    And, regardless of their critical reception, the same thing, the fact that they are ideas books, can be said about Civil War, Secret Inversion, Siege, Civil War 2, Avengers vs X-men, Original Sin etc.

    Metal, just like all of the Crises, is about continuity and rewarding old time readers for their knowledge of set continuity, not to say that they are bad.

    That's why I prefer Marvel Events and Marvel over all.

  5. Even though I hate the fact that this is trying to explain why Magic things exist in the DCU and it's has all my problems with Snyder's writing in just one issue, I'm going to keep reading because I'm interested in seeing where this is going (and mostly because Capullo is drawing the main book).

  6. The hourglass symbol is from the Challengers of the Unknown, which is kind of DC's Fantastic Four (Also created by Kirby). They are the people in purple jump suits in the issue.

  7. Tiffany can go from adorably cute to absolute queen! Love you Tiff! Sal and Ben you guys are hilarious as always. Please everyone keep up the good work!

  8. Oh no! Looks like you have to have read Sandman to have the inside skinny on what's going on with this cool hip new awesome dope Metal Batman super hero stuff!! Wicked awesome, dood!!

  9. I'm torn on this series. One part of me is interested in this idea and seeing where it goes. The other part of me has a list of complaints (tie-ins, how long we have wait from start to end, how does this fit into Rebirth, etc). I think I'll stick with it for a bit, but we'll see. I wish they had just made this a graphic novel and even an else worlds title, rather than this MASSIVE event that will stretch on and change the DC universe forever. I feel like, if that were true, than Rebirth should have been leading to Metal and not Dr Manhattan.

  10. With regards to the end discussion, I was listening to metal whilst reading Metal and it did not really fit. So based on that this book is not metal.

  11. Audio is great!

    I dug the shit out of this book, but I am a huge DC history nerd/fanboy. Oh shit… I didnt even make that connection about the house of birds being Robin related. Hope that ends up being the case.

  12. I can definitely understand it being all about continuity, and some people might be confused but that's why we have the Internet and awesome comic book YouTube channels to help fill in the gaps. For me as someone who loves DC continuity and the multiverse I was all about this book and I am super excited for the rest of the story. And I am even more convinced after reading this issue that I want Snyder and Capullo to do a Flash book.

  13. Why can't the put this kind of quality into Justice League. Feels like DC's flagship series is it's worst book with generic stories, throwaway Green Lanterns, and probably the most mediocore artwork I've seen in a DC book post New 52 (sans issue #1-3, 5, and 24).

  14. I think the thing with Plastic Man's "Putty Egg" is that Eel O'Brien showed up in a Justice League tie-in to Forever Evil, getting his chemical bath and melting into goo. After that, he wasn't seen since.
    Thus, I've assumed that Batman put Plas in the pod to keep him together.

  15. Holy crap!! Did anyone else notice how the decorations on Daniel Hall's shoulder and chest piece resemble the face of an owl? Could it be the Endless (or at least Dream) are somehow, in whole or in part, responsible for creating the Court of Owls?
    Or it could be nothing beyond my overactive imagination.

  16. Hmmmm…. it seems like Tiffany has been reading Sandman by Neil Gaiman… what a perfect opportunity to do a Back Issues Episode on Sandman??? nudge

  17. This book was slow and kinda told us stuff we already knew, but I liked the build up. Batman also had his greatest escape ever.

  18. ooh that guy meets Dream every year, lunch date type thing, where Dream asks him if he wants to continue the bargain. IIRC that is been a few years since I read it.

  19. This is insanely off topic but I just read Vision by Tom King and holy crap was that good but messed up. Vision needs a happy day

  20. Unsubstantiated prediction: the Daniel Hall version of Dream will be reborn as OG Morpheus by the end of this series, most likely by sacrificing his current incarnation for the good of the Multiverse.

  21. I am so glad that you guys liked Hardwired. I loved that album. Spit Out the Bone is one of my favorite songs of all time. Definitely the heaviest song I've heard in a long time.

  22. Sal, in regards to the Harpoon hand, it was Flash who made the joke. There are two people who are fully aware of the alteration of history post New52; Flash and Batman. Flash could be referencing something that went over Arthur's head, or like with Wally, Arthur could remember it but isn't too clear on everything. I imagine Doomsday clock will help clean things up.

    Also, I've noticed both Snyder and Johns never cared about New52.

  23. I wad and finished the new dr fate series. Wasn't terrible but the only time it was interesting is when they introduced the original dr fate.

  24. new to d.c. comics, picked up this issue and was beyond confused but more intrigued than i've ever been before. i will now catch up.

  25. I knew Dream was gonna pop up at some point when, in The Casting, they mentioned the "brothers of secrets and mysteries". I was screaming Cain and Abel for weeks and nobody believed me.
    To be fair, I'm usually the boy that cries Sandman, but come on, how can you not get that hint.


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