here’s a link so you can download the mep with the audio!:

I couldn’t get the audio to play but I have all the download links for each part and also just open a second tab to this song and play the mep at the same time. Sorry for the inconvenience. I tried uploading this video with audio like 10 times trying all different ways each time but nothing worked. Again im very sorry:(
The links for each part:


The rules:
~ this is an anti boys mep! But this mep is kind of different I want you to pick a dc girl that can only be twice once. You can pick different dc girls, they don’t have to be the ones that you see in this video. I’m having it due the 29th of april because someone may want to do rocket and she’s not in any eps yet, but will be soon.
~comics are allowed
~There are 21 parts ,and each is about 8-12 seconds long
~any program is allowed 🙂
~you can have up to 2 parts. If you have two parts then you could use the same character for both parts
~once when everyone picks out their part(s), then I’ll give you your part
~Deadline is April 29th
~Have fun 😀
I do not own anything~
Song: Part of Me
Artist: Katy Perry
Sound Recording By: EMI
~ all images were found on google
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this video is owned or made by me. The clips and audio contained in this video are strictly for entertainment purposes. No copyright infringement intended. This video is purely fan-made.

Parts 😀
Part 1: Me-Miss Martian
Part 2: xXTess4evaXx-Black Alice or Mary Marvel-done
Part 3: BlueTragedies-Zatanna-done
Part 4: Beautyfire101-Harly Quinn-done
Part 5: YoungTitan213-Artemis
Part 6: WallArtFTW-Stargirl
Part 7: littleharlee- Batgirl(Stephanie Brown)-done
Part 8:AznDramaQueen-Fire-done
Part 9:FrenchCurlyFry-Supergirl(maybe)-done
Part 10:littleharleen-Batgirl(Barbara Gordon)-done
Part 11: xXTess4evaXx-Misfit-done
Part 12:AznDramaQueen-Fire-done
Part 13:FrenchCurlyFry-Starfire-done
Part 14:YoungTitan213-Bombshell
Part 15:TamaranAvatar-Raven
Part 16:TheMusicTouch-Black Canary-done
Part 17:TamaranAvatar-Barbra Gordon
Part 18:robinluvzbatgirl-Donna Troy
Part 19:Casca119977- Wonderwoman-done
Part 20:robinluvzbatgirl-Donna Troy
Part 21:credits

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  1. oops. i can see how 10 got taken. that was my bad. but how did that happen with 13? AznDramaQueen asked for 12 O o
    umm…. how about 9 instead of 10?
    if it turns out she did mean 13 or i read wrong, id love to replace 13 with 5. (5,9,10, and 13 were the ones i had trouble picking between anyway XD i hadnt heard this song before, but i love it haha)
    sorry for being a pain :/

  2. ooooooh woops :/
    okay 13 is yours then 😀
    and sure thing!
    what characters were you planing on using :)?
    yeah i didnt know what part to do either xD but yeah the song is awesome 🙂

    oh no its totally fine! im honored that you joined this mep (:

  3. haha so… i just finished my part 13 cause i was itching to. do i wait to post the part on youtube until after you post the full MEP, or does that not matter?

  4. heeey, for the Part 10, i decide to change of character… it's still Batgirl, but it's Barbara Gordon this time. It's possible? (sorry for my english) kiss

  5. awesome! i think ill upload it when i get the other part i asked for finished. maybe. haha ive never been very patient.
    i can put the download link in a message to you, or i can put it in the description of the video when i upload it. whichever works for you! 🙂

  6. oh my gosh yessss (: though parts 15 and 17 opened up cause they had to drop out, so its up to you (: but thanks so much for joining 😀

  7. Hey, I'll take part 19 with Wonder Woman ! If you would like, if you can please PM me to verify so I'm sure to get the message 😉 Thanks


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