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  1. Awesome review!!! This is a decent figure like you said. Not the best but definitely a nice addition to the collection. BTW that thing in his pocket is a hankerchief.

  2. I love all the animated series figures. They would be near perfect with better articulation but I don't mind that too much at all. Another great review Anthony!

  3. riddler looks not bad at all. are you gonna review harley queen too?? she looks pretty disappointing so im gonna wait your review before to buy her

  4. You've always been my favourite reviewer, I love how detail oriented you are. Recently you seem to be a bit more positive in your overall evaluation of the figures. I'm enjoying the videos even more now. Keep it up =)

  5. Just letting all of you guys know that every toy on the left side of the display are removable. They are made to be removable. if you look to see the number of how many accessories the figure comes with, each four of the toys count as one.

  6. Nobody uses the display stands?! That's crazy….it brings the figures to a whole new level of awesomeness. Gives them a sort of hot toys/high-end collectible feel. Besides flight stands, they are the only figures I use the stands on; simply because of the turnaround artwork and the 1/6 scale type clamp.

  7. this smirk is what makes this figure my favorote in the line. second only to the Batman figure (original series version). Great review!

  8. Hey, I would just like to let you know I'm a huge fan of your channel, you always give your honest opinion, and get straight to the point,please keep doing what your doing 👍👍👍


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