We check every unexplored nook and cranny for a way to progress…
Just where is the door to continue hiding?

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  1. did you know that theres a messenger adornment that makes them put pots on their heads? i always knew the messengers were potheads

  2. Not sure if someone's already mentioned this, but a nice little detail is that since the beast scourge is rumored to spread from the leg, a lot of outfits have tight wrappings around the leg to try and stop the spread, and your character even injects blood vials into their leg!
    Speaking of blood vials, there's actually a pretty solid theory that the blood used for healing is… well, just think about where those vials seem to come from. If you're grossed out, you probably guessed right! XD

  3. The flamesprayer is a bit odd,it can be buffed with BMA but scales off Arcane. It can be pretty useful against enemies who are weak to fire, especially if you coat them with an oil urn too.

  4. Regarding fire: Pay attention to substances you initially think to be water. It may turn out to be oil, thus causing fire to be extra effective against those standing within it.

  5. By taking the route from darkbeast Paarl to old yharnam you could sneak up on that turret guy and talk to him, it only gave you a gesture so nothing too important however it was a very cool gesture 🙂

  6. – Get back to the guy you talked to in the window. I think now that you have rescued the whore, he will give you a chance. Just make sure to tell of Iosefka's Clinic, INSTED of Oedon Chapel… the guy does exactly the opposite of what you tell him to do… and also say the exact opposite of the truth… <– keep this in mind later on…
    – Now that you have the whore in the chapel, talk to her to get her blood… but position the came so that you can keep an eye out on where Adella stands while talking to her. And make sure you get the whore's blood 3 times before exhausting Adella's offer.
    – The old lady will warm up to you and give you stuff. Just keep killing bosses and check back to her after each kill.
    – Once you reach 40 Insight… walk outside of Oedon Chapel. You will see the world how it TRULY is… and HAS been…
    – Also after reaching 40 Insight… listen to the music in The Hunter's Dream.
    – In case you find yourself in a "nightmarish" area or another Chalice Dungeon, keep an eye out for blue lanters on the ground, operated by the messangers. They light up to show you that you have been to that place. Useful if you get lost… Aren't they sweet?
    – If you find a guy out in the woods, around corpses, with bandages around the head covering his eyes, send him to Iosefka's Clinic and NOT TO Oedon Chapel.

    – Speaking of Oedon Chapel and bandages covering the eyes… like how Gascoigne's eyes were covered with bandages, the aforementioned guy's, and you will see this returning theme, along with monsters and statues (I'm unsure of the latter one).
    Oedipism: Self-enucleation or oedipism is a term used to describe self-inflicted
    enucleation. It is a rare form of self-mutilation, found mainly in
    acutely psychotic patients. The name comes from the mythical Greek king of Thebes, Oedipus, who was blinded.
    – Have you looked at the Hunter's mark? What does it remind you of? What does it spell out…? The description hides the truth, dangling it upside down for us. As for what it spells… well, put 5 of the same mark next to each other and follow the lines of the mark to form letters.
    – I think you misunderstood me at an earlier episode. The pebbles are not crow crap… they are human eyes.

  7. If you find three umbilical cords you should pop them all it causes some interesting things.

    I love being vague

  8. Honestly for future levelling I think you should focus on health since some of the enemies later on have ridiculously high damage. You should probably not level bloodtinge or skill unless you find a weapon you want o use that has higher stat requirements. Also maybe put off leveling strength for awhile since soon enough you should start finding exponentially more powerful bloodgems especially if you decide to do more challace dungeons.


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