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  1. I was going to rant and rave about why Dan Slott wasn't doing this all along , and then I realized he's channelling his inner Chip Zdarsky . If anyone has a better explanation , I'm all ears .

  2. Art looks pretty good. Haven’t read much of Spider-Man recently, mainly because they keep doing stuff I hate with the characters. I wish Stan Lee would return to write the series, truthfully. I will concede that this might be good though…

  3. Superman prepares your anus, Dan Slott comes to make you a stupid millenian from the left and without love for your country.

  4. I'll just read the synopsis on Wikipedia someday, if I still give a crap. Psychotic hate-mongers don't deserve my money.

  5. Let’s not let this distract us from the fact that Slott is still writing the story for the PS4 Spider-Man game

  6. Good book or not slott doesnt deserve a cent from me or anyone. Unfortunately you guys are feeding the beast and that dig with MJ. FUCK YOU SLOTT you unhappy dick.

  7. Dan Slott can come off pretty bad on social media,but truthfully I’ve really liked most of his Spider-Man run.
    I’m 53 and a reader for many many years so I’ve seen ALOT of writers come and go and I think he’s probably been one of my favorites ever on Amazing.
    Except for that “Rich Peter Parker”arc,which was pretty original but didn’t come off well,most of his arcs have been very good.
    (favorites have been Superior Spider-Man and Spider Island)
    I’m pretty worried about Spencer coming in though…..

  8. Yellow Flash Sorry but it's a bad issue again. Slott plays with our nerves as always to sell a lot. The guy's unable to sell his book without scamming us with this fake Peter/MJ reunion, with unnecessary deaths for the plot but just to shock the audience (JJJ Sr the last year and Phil Ulrich here) and other marketing gimmicks. As Doug is always saying : "in the end, excitation for the story will fall like a soufflé". I already lost any interest in this, OMD won't be undone and the emasculated man will stay a loser under the current extremist leftists working in Marvel.

  9. Ya know if Mj can't accept the fact that Peter and Spider Man are a package deal then they shouldn't be together, if they can turn Carol Manvers back into Ms Marvel then I would want them to explore her "liking" him

  10. This looks solid. Our standards are lowered artificially by the absolute swill the commies have been churning out for the last few years. It's hard to say how good it really is……

  11. Dan Slott is finishing up as a good fan-fiction writer compared to all the really bad fan-fiction crap he dished out for ten years. Too bad he can't master the craftsmanship of creative storytelling.

  12. I’ve also seen him in interviews and he seems like an ok guy there as well.
    I liked it better when these comic book creators, actors and actresses kept their politics to themselves and just let us enjoy their work.
    Everything was simpler and much more fun I think
    Everyone was just enjoying the comics and movies without all the silly fighting.

  13. Holy batman. Marvel going all out with art in a book and not being as cheap as possible? Not only that but with something that has promise to be a good story arc? Is alien invasion going on? Has a skrull replaced Slott?

  14. It was Amazing that this was actually Spider-man again, of course it could fall apart by 800 the way X-Men Red 2 made that hard SJW turn we all saw foreshadowed in 1.
    It was also a great reveal of the hostage, not who I thought it was at all.

  15. Oh get the f**k out, seriously ? His quality hasn't changed, you're just bandwagoning because he's almost out, just like everybody else. "Wow, I can't believe how good this is, he's actually trying" lol Please, sell it somewhere else.

  16. So, are there any actual Dan Slott comics storylines worth reading? I mean, I doubt they are all pure crap. I thought Ends of Earth was fine and I heard Spider-Island was pretty good.

  17. You're so lucky you got a copy of that. I went to every comic store in my city (Melbourne), so four comic stores and it had sold out in every one of them. I'm so sad 🙁 What I do have to say is that I'm so fucking pissed at that moron bitch dickhead for continuously taunting us about the MJ Peter stuff


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