Haha she games just like us! How relatable!

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  1. I don’t really see what’s wrong with D.va. I mean yes, she can be a bratty snot, but I don’t really see her as that bad of a character. The only reason her normal continuous fire is infinite is because each one does such little damage unless she’s close. They did nerf her shield matrix a little lately, (while making it so she can fly and shoot at the same time, plus giving her a new skill to shoot missiles, even WHILE shooting passively,?) but I frankly don’t have much of a problem with her. I’m saying this as a Mercy main. ?

  2. Try McCree

    You just

    C L I C K H E A D S
    That's it.
    a i m.

    It's not like every character in the game(Except 5 people) needs AIM, and you can just win by doing that?
    "Ughbhgdf he's not just aim" f*ck off he is. Combat roll? He rolls in one direction and reloads. Why? Was there a moment when one of the devs needed to go forward really quick, reload, and crouch at the same time? And flashbang? So he's good long range, medium range, and absolutely godlike at close range? He barely needs it, just enough tracking and AIM to follow targets. I understand, he's aim based, but so is Every other character in the game except for 5 characters, one of which doesn't even have her gun out half the time to need to aim.
    And his ult.
    His f*cking ult.
    he just sits there.
    The only thing he might have to do is get high ground, and wait for enemies to be distracted, but that's bs. He can do it at ground level with the same effect with a shield in front of him with the same effect: either scares the enemies away or kills them: either way, his team is capping the point much easier.
    So yes, he needs aim, but beyond that? Nothing. He picks McCree, gets his gold gun, and boom, grandmaster.

    1/10, would remove from game

  3. You were actually saying that girls can’t be bothered to do the simplest thing in overwatch are you fucking kidding me this is 2017 people are supposed to be progressiveI’m a female gamer myself and I love diva so fuck you

  4. does he think girls cant win gaming competitions? that just made me rage so hard.. I like d.va and she's the one i play as the most, but i can agree that she can get kind of boring after awhile. I feel like she could have had a better opportunity as a character.


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