Illustration commissioned by Blizzard Entertainment for the upcoming game, Overwatch.

21 Days of Overwatch:

See more of my works below:


  1. this is GREAT!!! I really love the composition and flowing of the hair. one criticism though is the jumpniess of the video. if you break up the speading up of the video say, 2×, save, and then speed up again by 2x rather than speeding up as 4x at the start the video skips much less and has a more professional and put together feel! other than the video skipping this js a fantastic peice. ^^

  2. Wow!!! Can't believe Blizzard commissioned you themselves!!
    Actually…I can!! This is incredible!!!!
    Subbed!! <33
    What software do you use?

  3. do you do commissions I want to buy some art (Banner/Overwatch) we can talk about price later just respond t my comment or msg me on yt or twitter

  4. I was always wondering who drew this amazing piece of Dva. Seen it in music videos and thumbnails, so a-mei-zing!

  5. I like this video. It's just that once I got mad at this because I saw this on December 2016 and this video makes me want Overwatch, but my parents didn't let me buy it.


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