Hello all! My third skateboard painting video, so far and its a two parter!
I do not like doing two part videos, but unfortunately due to a situation with my last video ( involving copyright over the beetlejuice main theme, it cannot be viewed on mobile devices 🙁
So, I thought i would slap together another video for you of this weeks work so far.

Another one of my all time favourite movies…The Silence Of The Lambs!I love this movie, everything about it is so entertaining.
So, part 1 is all about Hannibal ‘The Cannibal’ Lecter. A simple portrait looking straight out at you 🙂
The seconf video will show the lower part of the board and the finishing little touches.

The skateboard is a normal blank 7.25 canadian maple board and i mainly used acrylic paint.

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Artist- Beethoven
Track- Moonlight Sonata

Movie Footage:
TM & © MGM (1991)
Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster
Director: Jonathan Demme
Producers: Ronald M. Bozman, Gary Goetzman, Edward Saxon, Kenneth Utt, Grace Blake
Screenwriters: Thomas Harris, Ted Tally



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