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  1. First off I think he thinks that nothing can connect to the internet without a service like PSN or XBOX gold which explains his comment on Nintendo. Probably why he thinks Steam ain't social. Second, This ain't the dumbest thing I have heard…

  2. I thought FPS were partially dictated by the refresh rate (Htz) of whatever you are viewing it on. TVs can get to 120, but I will think those are the larger ones, and typically rather expensive.

  3. Bro i like your video luv ur voice
    That voice doesn't match to the face get a undercut im sure it will do

    Anyway love your research and work

  4. Hey i building my pc + sound system @ 38000 rs (567$) g4560+gtx1060 +8gb ram
    And ps4 in my country is 34000

  5. I am considered legally blind in my country. To see enough to be able to play most games the monitor has to be both large enough and close enough. I tried a much bigger monitor but it hurt my neck and shoulders because i had to have my face just as close to the largermonitor so i had to constanly move my body around to see the text. It sucked because it was actually easier on my eyes. Also I managed to play my Wii U effectively on my monitot before i got a tv by using a hdmi switcher. A headset was plugged into the gamepad that gave me sound.

  6. I cannot fathom how these peasants STILL don't realize that you can use a controller on the PC, or that you can plug your PC into a TV via HDMI if you want. Is it really that hard to do a bit of research before making stupid assumptions on a video and stating them as a fact? Nah I guess spreading as much misinformation as humanly possible is easier. God forbid they do any actual work. Y'know, since consoles are soooo much more convenient and all. xD

  7. bout time u found a new video subject i reckon , both have merit tho controllers and keyboard and mouse . ive never been able to stretch out on my sofa yet and play comfortably or at all with keyboard and mouse . im a controller kind of gamer but thats out of shear laziness, to be able to build a cheap yet powerful PC u need to know what your doing a lot of homework is involved all the gtx670 idw gy j , who knows what all that shit means like a gtx vs a gti ??? who instinctively knows which 1 is the right 1 . at least with consoles u get what your given , i have both by the way im not a console fanboy nor PC snob i usually use the 1 that has the best version of the game i wanna play

  8. I was laughing SO hard! I love consoles man but this guy arguing for them is a complete fucking idiot. Thank you for the counterargument!

  9. I have built a $1500 pc and I own both Xbox and PlayStation and I would have to say that IN MY OPINION pc is better for gaming but requires way more work on the users side bc it is so customizable, but, I prefer Xbox bc it IS simple and easier to just sit down and play. Pc, you have to update drivers, and download programs, whereas on console it's is already done for you by the provider. But still fuck a PlayStation. Worst console I've ever bought.

  10. flash games are amazing, and everyone should just stop the the AAA bullshit, and play some bloon tower defense on their windows 95.

    SEE WHAT I DID THERE! at least my username matches


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