Sometimes people will send me fanart in the form of videos on their very own YouTube channels! I am so flattered that my character would be the subject of speedpaints, so here’s a video of all of them together.

Please go to each person’s channel and show them some support in the form of nice comments or a subscribe, to encourage them to keep doing what they’re doing and to stay determined!

Intro animated by Jenny Penny

Find her on Tumblr:

Old-timey Joyce animation in outro made by AnimeXtremex

Find her on DA:


Fanart videos:

Artists featured in the video:
Cami Draws –

Spita –

SuperMarcoToad64 The Toad –

Undertale Melody –

Kyra blaire Animates/GIF –

sofia’s channel

Jamie Pepe – No channel anymore. 🙁

Chara The Creepypasta Demon –

SavannaBanannas –

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  1. #introandoutroweremyfaveparts

    Wow I could learn a thing or two from these youtubers!! (Coz I'm still learning how to draw eyes and I want to learn how to draw hands) anyways if any of the ppl who drew these pictures reads my comment just know that all of you are very talented and you all did amazing work good job for wanting too put your work out there coz it's a very hard thing to do and it's amazing that you all did it!! Anyways congrats to all of you who got on the video and I wish u all the best luck with ur drawings and art in the future!!! Stay determined!


  2. Hei Bettina!
    I want to draw you but …am… how i send this….? (The photo/video)……………….
    i feel so akward to write that

  3. Since you guys have been asking how to send me fan art, simply go to my website (in the description) and use one of the social media pages to share it with me! Don't forget to tag me or send me the link!


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