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  1. I really enjoy all the videos y'all do, but I have one bit of constructive criticism about Letters Page. It would be really great if you could film some shots of the smaller things you get like those Legos or Pins and incorporate them into the video while you are looking at them so we can also see them. Its one of those things thats more noticeable with smaller objects like those Legos which I basically couldnt see at all and was kinda interested in seeing.

  2. Oh you infuriate me so by not saying LEGO minifigs. LEGO is an adjective, and as someone that was once an English teacher, I know you can respect proper grammar.

  3. Interesting to hear that both of you weren't allowed to have Cadbury Eggs considering that in Canada (and safe to assume the UK) that's the first indicator that Easter is approaching and becomes an overwhelmingly over marketed product that is only outdone by Star Wars crap nowadays.

  4. Awesome vid, Sal and Tiffany thank you for always uploading videos that're my favorite content on youtube. I hope Ben gets well soon, and I would like to ask what you guys think about David Harbours Hellboy, since it just got revealed what he looks like this week. I personally like it and am surprisingly okay with the rigid, sharp, and metallic look of the Right Hand of Doom.

  5. With all of the comics you guys have amassed over the years, I personally would like to see a collection tour. Although I don't know if it would fit one of your usual shows

  6. It's interesting that Sal looks like he's wearing a Sourcefed shirt knowing that the set of the first comic pop video I saw was very much like the old Sourcefed comment commentary set

  7. The fact that Cadbury isn't widely available in the US hurts my feeble Aussie heart. Us as the POPulation must relieve the pressure via care packages!

  8. Candy and Legos! Never confuse the two. With the amount of the Millennium Falcon that has come out, it's more of a Century Falcon.

  9. You can purchase an adhesive tape that has Lego compatible studs on the non-adhesive side. This might be useful if you decide to set up a Lego Minifig display (make them a little more resilient if bumped). Just a thought. Here is a link to an example:

  10. speaking of doom patrol, i'm enjoying way's run at the moment, but curious if tiff will ever host an episode of back issues covering morrison's run. maybe, i should ask what she thinks of it first. tiffany, what do you think of grant morrison's doom patrol?


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