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  1. I believe Bullseye takes the victory thanks to his superior fighting ability and Adamtium skeleton.

    I believe Bullseye's ability to anything into a weapon as he could simply make Deadshot run out of bullets or go for a more tactical approach by taking out his guns then it's almost game over.

    Winner: Bullseye.

  2. Deadshot takes it. Those wrist-mounted grappling hooks are the key – by swinging around Bullseye and staying as a moving target Deadshot could quite easily avoid close combat situations. Both being masters of ranged weapons, they would likely kill each other in one shot, but a stationary target is always easier to hit. Deadshot would take less time (even by fractions of a second) to pinpoint his target and take the first and final shot.

  3. Bullseye takes it, but barely. Deadshot has great (probably better) gear and comparable skills – they would easily stalemate or even have Deadshot win at first. Once he's running low on bullets, though, if he can't seal the deal, Bullseye's skeleton and aptitude to use anything as a weapon gives him moment to moment value over Deadshot

  4. I think it is important to more carefully consider the ramifications of Bullseye having laced his bones with Adamantium.
    They add extra weight, and he doesn't have super strength meaning even if only slightly his reaction will be slowed
    for comparison Wolverine is supposed to have developed enhanced strength, to even move with his bones, that is able to life about 2 tons
    Bullseye also doesn't have a healing factor meaning the bones still won't do much to stop massive bleeding and shock such as shots to his Kidneys, and his major abdominal blood vessels
    While there might be shock factor from the first shot or two not penetrating and killing, the range at which Deadshot is likely to start from still favors him.


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