Robotech issue 0 review. Classic Game Room reviews ROBOTECH #0 from Wildstorm comics released in 2002. Robotech issue 0 is a prequel to the prequel series of Robotech which contains a very short story about Rick Hunter fighting in the war of 2015 who spots Roy Fokker’s old Veritech fighter and remembers a story from the past… which is where this 6 (actually 7) part mini-series takes place. This Robotech series from Wildstorm Comics is about Roy Fokker, Claudia and the days leading up to the war against the Zentradi that many of us know as Robotech: The Macross Saga. Cool art, great jets and coloring make this comics series a winner for fans of Robotech. Issue 0 also contains Robotech fan art from other renowned comic book artists.


  1. I suggest not to buy this comic. The reason is that it is full of advertisements AND it has very few pages. Buy the crow comic book instead!


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