Hello everyone!

yes hello I’m still alive.. Uni is slowly killing me, but finally found a break. Thought I would open this 🙂

Theme: “casual affairs”

If you need some inspiration/examples of fanart meps

-not first come, first serve
-fanart/pictures only
– mmv style encouraged but not necassary
-professional programs only
– Marvel obviously
– No couple repeats
– Overlays, colourings, Typography and effects are allowed
– Watermark your part (small in right corner)
– And last but not least: have fun 😀

Deadline: Jan 20

Part 1: Kitti H ||Rogue & Gambit|| DONE
Part 2: Kitti H ||Emma Frost & Scott Summers|| DONE
Part 3: Kitti H ||Emma Frost & Jean Grey|| DONE
Part 4: Kitti H ||Jean Grey & Logan|| DONE
Part 5: A Tewari ||Jean & Scott|
Part 6: itachismaniac ||Shatterstar & Rictor||
Part 7: Paper ღ Rose ||Nightcrawler & Storm||
Part 8: Paper ღ Rose ||???||
Part 9: DracoBrooklyn ||Scarlet Witch & Vision||
Part 10:
Part 11:


A Tewari

♫ Song: Casual Affair
♫ By: Panic! At the Disco
Images not by me
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