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  1. Happy you guys are changing it up. I'm at school during the streams so I end up having to take bathroom breaks to watch. Now instead of sitting on a public toilet watching GA, I can now watch it on my own toilet. You guys are the best.

  2. Can you look at Hollow Knight? After you are done with metroid it would be and awesome follow-up and IK Craig and Bolen would appreciate the art and effort put in for a $15 dollars 50 Hr + game

  3. Ever consider having try hard just via skype call or something so sam/chad can be there? Can't imagine it would somehow be worse than sitting on a couch

  4. I like the change of content on Saturday. I would prefer Death Days on Saturday, but it's awesome we get something. In fact I'm pretty pleased with the schedule change entirely.

  5. Hey John, I was curious about silk and Googled it, found something called peace silk that is made without killing the worms.


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