Here are some super quick doodles I did of a few BTS members! I feel so bad that I couldn’t draw all of them. ;_; I have failed you, Jin, Jungkook, Suga & V!

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  1. I really dont want to come off demanding and weird, but I seen you followed the ASTRO official on Instagram and wanted to know if maybe you could draw them? Just an idea ^^

  2. i really liked you..but now?
    I LOVE YOU!♡

    i kinda knew it..i think army knows when somebody is in our great family.(。’▽’。)♡

  3. I heard a couple of K-Pop songs, but I forgot who they're from and how they sound like; but yeah, I'll check BTS out… One day. ?

  4. the first thing i saw was the word 'Jim' i was like ' DEMONS JIM!!! DEMONS!!! ' …. i feel like im the only person who says Markiplier quotes all of the time ;-;

  5. Bethany you are awesome because you are the first person to draw BTS anime-style that actually impresses my friend Jisoo who says no drawing can capture their beauty. But congratulations because you did. She’s like really shook right now XD. But, on a side note, I think you should do The Nightmare Before Christmas anime-styled. Thanks for reading if you do!

  6. Bethany, as soon as I found out you were into KPop, I was so happy. I was shocked as well. I'm a big BTS fan as well, and it made me so happy that you drew J-Hope. He's my bias. <3
    My favorite song from BTS has got to be either Serendipity or DNA. I can't choose, honestly.


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