Music: Bloodborne Official OST

Composers: Ryan Amon, Tsukasa Saitoh, Michael Wandmacher, Yuka Kitamura, Cris Velasco,


  1. absolutely fantastic, the way you drew Laurence is perfect.

    The little details about Micolash had me laughing with his shoes untied and him holding all the books like a teacher's pet, he looks so proud its crazy how much character is shown XD

    The beckoning of the moon was amazing.

    10/10 I hope you never stop making these.

  2. I understand power of symbollism in Bloodborne, but.. Why Brador on 3:50 already has his robe from horns?
    This work was amazing. In my opinion, your abstract vision helps this community understand a lot of things in this fundamental background

  3. Awesome! I love it! And now I love Laurence even more T_T Your style, it looks so familiar. Did you draw a Dark Souls 3 fan comic about Leonhard by any chance?

  4. In the scene where laurence (cleric beast form) and the church assasin i think that the church assasin gets his set from laurence. So inthat scene ha must be wearing a forienger set . But i still love it


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