From the official soundtrack, the part in the middle is different than the one in the game so i added it.

Composer: Yuka Kitamura

©2015 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.


  1. This fight was good fun. I heard the ominous bells, and she was "WALKING" towards me with the Tricked Rakuyo. I tried fighting her like I usually fight Gehrman.

    …I learned that staying away was a bad idea.

    But overall, she wasn't super hard. Orphan of Kos is the toughest one, imo, followed by Laurence, the First Flaming Ragequit Inducer.

  2. No dislikes no dislikes no dislikes No dislikes no dislikes no dislikes No dislikes no dislikes no dislikes No dislikes no dislikes no dislikes

  3. Shit Maria, I didn't know you were a heavy metal fan. Flaming blood? That in of itself sounds like a heavy metal band.

  4. Lady Maria was my favorite boss/character. Not because she was the hardest, but because she was just the most badass. If you staggered her, the fight was easy. But if you just went at it with straight attacking and dodging, she was nuts. The moment this gentle woman snapped those two sabres apart, you knew you were gonna feel the hurt in a minute…

  5. Maria, I know so little about you it drives me crazy, but what drives me INSANE is when I must fight you! Seriously! THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO NEED TENDING AND THEY WON'T SHUT UP ABOUT YOU!

  6. I'm no expert in music, but I love concentrating on individual instruments with every listen, from the choir front and center, or the subtle cellos in the background. Every part adds it's own layer of emotion to create a truly breathtaking piece.

  7. This boss……. Words can't describe how I feel after the many deaths I have suffered to her.
    And yet I absolutely love this boss, it is so perfect. Does everything right, amazing music, character design, attack patterns, it's almost like a dance more than a fight. It's the ultimate fight in any from soft game and one I measure the quality of all other bosses against.
    Not sure why I struggle so much with Maria, I think it's a case of everyone having that one boss your playing style just doesn't agree with?
    Ook, Laurence and Iudwig? No problem. Had a 5 month break between playing ng+4 and ng+5 and played Ocarina of time in between. Beat Ludwig and Ook first try, Laurence about 5 tries, but Maria got me over 20 times. I think the only other thing in the game I struggled with as much as her was (ironicly) getting her weapon from the well with those two sharks. Fuck those guys in particular!

  8. 3:14 Regina infans sanguine!
    Now I'm no Latin expert but that sounds a lot like it could be "The Queen's Child of Blood!" which would have IMMENSE lore implications if I'm correct. Maria was related to Annalise after all…

  9. Maria – "A corpse should be well left alone"
    Me – "A corpse should be dead as well, but no worries, I can arrange this for you"

  10. I'd honestly love to hear this track (as well as a bunch of others) without the vocals. I don't hate the vocals or anything, I just feel like they kinda dominate and in some cases almost drown out the other instruments in most of Kitamura's tracks.

  11. i love this song and boss but lets be honest… Gael is basically Myazakis way of telling maria to shove her clocktower up her ass

  12. This is such an underrated track. My personal favorite from Bloodborne. Especially presented as a solo work, the buildup through the whole piece is phenomenal.

  13. My experience with this fight:

    1st phase: Music begins to play* ok, let's do this.
    2nd phase: Ok i've been doing ok 'til no- oh wait what? oh crap!
    3rd phase: Oh God, what now? I'm getting out of here
    explosion of blood unleashes and 1:15 starts playing after that* … shocked and muted*

    One of my favourite boss fights in the game just for the atmosphere alone. Ludwig's fight is still my favourite, and it's also my favourite fight of all time, but goddamn I would be lying if I said that Lady Maria's fight wasn't great.


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