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I use very simple video equipment.
Camera: Sony Handycam PJ340 + iPhone 7
Tripod: Sunpack 5858D
Video editor: Sony Vegas Movie Studio Suite 13.0 + iMovie
Lights: 2 12×12 soft box lights w/ 5500 Kelvin color temp. bulbs
Backdrop: White

Where do I buy my Beyblades?
Leo Burst –
How to Buy from Leo Burst –

Thanks to YouTuber Runo Siahirai / Rise (WBO) for the avatar fanart!
YouTube Channel –
WBO Profile –

Thanks to AudioPad and Chuki Beats for providing royalty-free music!
AudioPad –
CHUKImusic –


  1. uh hey guys can you please tell me if there is a prize or what is the prize if you win the tournament because im gonna battle this may 13 in philippines please reply

  2. Wait jojo i saw your channel because i was busy back then and im there too omg i finally met the real you😮😮

  3. I want to battle Jo Jo too. If she uses metal fusion/master/fury, i'll use my Omega Dragonis. If she uses burst, i'll use my Drain Fafnir.

  4. wow, the tournaments seem really fun in US, in asia the bladers and the judges seldom communicate, and everyone is silent, which makes bladers in the tournament more nervous


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