Hello, Sorry again for the more serious video. I just wanted to warn you about that guy.

Videos that show evidence:

Peppermint Loser-

#1- RAIN Monogatari
#2- Luna (haitus)
#3- RAIN Monogatari
#4- Kaede
#5- [~]Red[~]

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  1. Oh that's so cool you're doing stuff other than DRMN! I mean the DRMN stuff is amazing to look at but seeing more of your personality is truly a treat! Anyways, I've heard of the drama on Cristali. I don't like to be mean and blame people but Cristali is not a nice person. I wasn't a fan per say but I did watch some of his animation memes, I noticed that it has a similarity to Rossali's art but thought nothing of it at the moment. Now I realized he traced it. Tracing is fine when you're rotoscoping or practicing with credit to the original artist; but he does it on purpose and shows it to everyone like it's his own art. He should know that's wrong. Also some of the things he said to people aren't very nice or even right to do. I do hope he changes his ways, I may not like what he does but I believe he has the chance to change with the proper help. I personally don't wanna make a rant video because I don't wanna be mean to people unless it's a joke. (Of course if the other person is okay with that.) Although I'm okay with other people doing rant videos, It's nice to see their opinion. I wouldn't even consider this a rant video, it's more of a warning like you said. I think people should be warned of Cristali, or at least informed.

    This part is irrelevant but yay! You hit the 100 subscriber mark! In fact you're almost at 200! Good for you! I forgot to mention to ya before but also try to have a vague idea of the setting; it'll help with the script. You might already know that though. I personally like designing first then write out everything because i'm a visual person. For you it might be different which is okay but try to find out which one is easier for ya.
    Thank you for being so awesome! I hope you have a nice day today, you deserve one. ❤️

    P.s. You uploaded so soon again! Even with your busy schedule? Wow, impressive. Good luck with your videos and DRMN. 🙂


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