Deadline: April 28
Extended: May 10

+FX or raw
+ I will send audio after all parts are taken
+I think a lot of movement that flows with the beat would suit the song (esp. the chorus) very much! but just do your thing honestly :’)
+ Lyrics would be gr8: esp. for fx
+No particular theme. Just match the mood of the song. THe song is loud and lively. Be ambitious!
+COLORS: pretty colors pleasee! neutral and desaturated colors is recommended, but bright colors is great if you can make it work!
+I will send out 2 reminders, probably 1 week before the deadline and 3 days before the deadline. I can extend, but I wish I won’t have to. If you must drop out,tell me asap please!

backups would be very helpful :’D


INTRO – Malethicent – Innocent[done]
1 Lady Aria [done]
2 intentionaltermination – Angel of Slaughter [done]
3 LadyKuro – Aldnoah Zero [done]
4 Lady Aria [done]
5 Malethicent – Zankyou no Terror[done]
6 haruiko – Shingeki no Kyojin [done]
7 GAESDANI – Owari no Seraph [done]
8 Kinlak
9 Stray Mylse – KIlling Stalking [done]

intentionaltermination, nemezis, orkusuga, Kamideres, minimalismetic, ShounenAce, DevianJaylix, Kazeru

song: Believer by Imagine Dragons
summer vacation is finally heree
tbh i planned a mep with the song No Grey by the neighbourhood, and ive been planning since january with it hahahh

But a week ago, i heard this song at school.. ‘frens what is this song i am in love’ and here i am, hosting the second mep on my channel πŸ™‚


  1. FORM
    Part(TOP3): 4/1 (or both :D)
    Footage: I'll tell you as soon as possible

  2. i really dont like disappointing people and it sucks doing this but i have to drop out..there are lots of things i have to deal with atm and exams are so soon ;A; my schedule is so full for the next 4 weeks..god maleth i am sorry to do this to you I know its such a disappointment and i even delayed this by not giving my part earlier..i extremely apologize for the inconvenience :((

  3. I'm unsure if you need a backup or not since the deadline has passed a long time ago and it's not done yet. If you need it, I'd love to be a backup! β™₯


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