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This Dark Claw custom action figure is based on the popular Marvel Vs. DC Comics crossover from the mid 90’s. In it, two supreme beings from either universe force their champions to fight to see who has the better fighters. Sound ridiculous and petty? I miss 90’s superhero comics. It resulted in the two universes fusing together for a short time, forming Amalgam Comics. One such character that came from this was Dark Claw, a fusion of Batman and Wolverine. Even if you’re not familiar with the story, chances are you’ve seen images of the character somewhere. Dark Claw has always been a fan favorite. And why not? It’s Batman and Wolverine! Seems like a winning combo to me.

Dark Claw was made using the Marvel Legends Juggernaut Wave Wolverine as the base, with a whole bunch of sculpting, fabricating, and painting. The claws are real metal, made from bobby pins and carefully worked and sanded to get the grooves in, make them pointed, and give them a polished finish. The ear, arm, and leg fins are crafted from polystyrene and blended with Aves Apoxie Sculpt. The Belt details are also made from styrene. The mouth was sculpted over to finish off the mask detail. The shoulder cover cape from a LCBH Wrarrl cape that I sculpted on top of to get the spikes. The cape was cut from a pattern of my own, and given wires going down either side and installed in the shoulder area, so it can be posed dramatically to help give the figure more character. The rest of the figure just required a lot of black paint and a bit of yellow. It was a lot of fun giving life to this crazy 90’s throwback character. Some day I might make his nemesis The Hyena, or his sidekick Sparrow to join him.

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