Hey to all DC Fans! Here is another awesome amv/tribute to DC hero, Batman Beyond. A friend of mine requested a tribute that I was happy to do. Basically a complicated life for Terry’s with the loss of his father and needing someone like the 1st Batman Bruce Wayne to help him. Now he is Batman and has to try everyone to protect the people he has left in his life with the wise Bruce Wayne in his shadows. Also the links of the song shown is just to show you who the original singer(s)/Artist(s) is/are, I either bought the song from iTunes or other stores/places, or borrowed it from a friend. Hope you enjoy it!
I do not own, nor do I claim to own, any of the materials featured in this video. This video is a fan video submission and all materials are the property of their respective owners.
All rights are reserved to their respective owners.
Music: When Your Gone
Artist: Avril Lavigne
Here is the link of the artist/singers, song belongs to them

Show and/or movies: Batman Beyond
I do NOT own anything; it is just for fun and my first time making a music video. No copyright is intended, I do NOT claim this show that I used in Adobe with the song.
Shows and movies belong to Warner Bros. Animation DC Entertainment, DC comics, and more. All songs, shows/movie clips, and more belong to their own singers, publishers, and more.



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