Ive been hearing that the Avengers: Infinity War trailer would be released soon so i decided to make 5 posters of some of the Avengers that were chosen over a twitter vote!!! These avengers are awesome and it was cool to make a space themed design for all of them!! I also based some off of the Avengers: Infinity War leaked trailer that i watched that was awesome too!! I also tried to edit the speed art video A LOT more cause i thought the regular speed art type videos get a bit boring so this ones edited a lot cooler!! If you enjoyed the video be sure to drop a like and subscribe if you like my content!! Let me know which poster is ur fav!!!

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( Instrumental produced by Chuki.

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  1. Hey like #32 keep up the good work love avengers good luck out here yt is brutal anymore Iost over 100 subs due to yt errors


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