Andrea Roth (Melissa Bowen) drops by to talk about playing our new favorite Marvel mom, plus Showrunner and Executive Producer Joe Pokaski, and Nerdist Editor-in-chief Rachel Heine join hosts Hector Navarro and Aliza Pearl as they discuss Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger episode 4 “Call/Response”.

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  1. I love how they say any thought no matter how wrong or stupid it may sound. I too thought, “Is that water? What?”. RIP Greg.

  2. That ‘Spyboy’ scene was funny at first and then strangely beautiful. After watching this, I appreciate that scene even more so.

  3. 1) please have Rachel on for every episode as she has great incite and is very entertaining
    2) out of every marvel show since the mcu (agents of shield, daredevil, agent carter, jessica jones, luke cage, iron fist, inhumans, defenders, punisher and runaways) i think cloak and dagger is my favourite. It's easy to have a person with powers dress up in leather and beat up the bad guys, but 'most' mcu shows have been able to tell great character driven stories beyond that with this show being the best at it so far.
    3) I hope somewhere down the line they do a crossover with the runaways. Not because it was in the comics, but because i think they will mesh well due to the similar tone and characters being of a similar age.

  4. What I would love them to do for Tandy’s costume is literally a white leather jacket, white skinny jeans, white boots, and a white T-shirt with a giant dagger outline on it.

  5. Easter eggs:
    1) one of the police officers name's was "Hannigan" — reference to the original artist who drew Cloak & Dagger in their first Spectacular Spider-Man debut
    2) when Ty went into the "headquarters" there was a sign saying "founded in 1982" — perhaps the group was… but… Cloak & Dagger's first debut was 1982…

  6. Dang it. I saw this video’s title before the episode, so once I saw the focus on Greg, I knew he was a goner. Shame, he was a good guy. Minus the wife thing.

  7. He missed the perfect opportunity for a pun.
    We have stickers so stickeround lmao. Hope everyone got a headache for that

  8. "This whole country is trying to kill me everyday" most real feeling that most African American boys feel everyday. Great writing..

  9. Tandy has a lot of ppl who love her ppl that keep getting taken away and the way they handled 2 major things REALLY WELL! the argument was amazing!!
    They handled the rage and the Anger of being a black Male in society really well!! (The stigma of having to be a black man in America and having to push yourself twice as hard just to get half the respect!!) BUT on the FLIP side!, it's great showcasing how she feels guilty just for being alive, just from living. Turning to pills and contemplating suicide while on the flip side fighting for the desire and drive to live and have a place in the world!

  10. I tried watching this but I cant help but to think of Chris Hardwick and his #metoo dilemma. They should change the name of nerdist, its too associated with him.

  11. Anybody notice the white explorer driving by the office while Tandy was working with the lawyer. It was driving by really slowly, I wonder if that was supposed to be the night he was supposed to die but they called it off because Tandy was there????


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